Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The story book

"Dad, I think you should take a look at this." We were down in the basement, having watched a TV program, when Jess went into a drawer and produced a small, purple booklet. She had been rooting though some stuff earlier and found some stories I wrote from my own childhood. On the cover of this stapled publication was this simple title, written by me when I was probably about 8 years old: "The Story book - athour H. Hendrick Nicolajsen" The spelling & grammar of this work wasn't exactly college level, bu it added to the amusement we both shared as I read it aloud. And at Jess' behest I am publishing my brilliant literary work online. Enjoy.

The Sad Clown.

One day a clown was working in the circus. He was sad. one day wile he was walking he bumb himself and his nose was in a trap and his balloons poped and that was not funny.

Fun at the Halloween Party.

It was a cold night. Halloween night. Billy new that he was late for the party. He put on his sceloton suit and away he went.

The Christmas niht.

One Christmas in 1977 our family was geting ready for Christmas. We put up the stockings we put up a tree and our mother made Christmas cookies. this is what I got Colleco CB wocki talki, mupet show six million dollar man bert bilding set.

This next story is the longest and it's also Jess' favorite. She killed herself laughing at the end...

Ber Rabbit and the Picnic.

Ber Rabbit was the furyest, littlest, animal in the forest. One fine morning Ber Rabbit was planning to go on a picnic with Ber Fox and Ber Bear. This is what he will bring: hony, fish, berrys, and other things to eat.

He put all the food in the basket and just as he was about to open the door there stood Ber Fox and Ber Bear. Howdy they said. Howdy Ber Rabbit said to them.

Nice day for a picnic and all three walked out to have the picnic on a nice grassy spot on the top of the hill. When they got to the hill they got out the food, got out the napkins and started eating. What fun!

Soon it started to rain. Ber bear sneezed! Ber Rabbit got out his umbrella. Now we can have fun! Just then the wind torn the umbrella! Ber Fox yelled! What you are doin to me kill me!? No he said, and they froze to death.

(I wonder if Random House would get this on the market for me...)

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